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Stop single use plastic

We use 200,000 plastic bottles every day in Ireland and we've been ranked as the highest producer of single use plastics in Europe. 

For such a small country we're making a big impact and not always a positive one. You can help change these statistics by using reusable water bottles and water filters. 

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Ditch the disposables

In Ireland we throw away 500,000 take away coffee cups every day! We might not be able to live without our coffee, but we can definitely live without a take away cup. 

Many cafes now offer a discount when you bring your own coffee cup, check out consciouscup.ie for a map of participating cafes.

Buy a reusable cup, save money and save the planet too!

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Small changes make a big difference

No matter where you are on your zero waste journey there are a number of small changes you can make that will make a big difference.

1. Refuse things that you don't need

2. Reduce what you do need

3. Reuse by using reusables

4. Recycle what you can’t refuse, reduce, or reuse

5. Rot the rest

Every order goes towards planting trees!

We're super excited to have partnered with Hometree in County Clare in Ireland and to be playing a part in regenerating and reforesting this part of the country. 

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