Ocean Sole

Upcycled Yoga Block - Polka Dot


Can a yoga block be a piece of art, create social and ecological value at the same time? Yes! These yoga blocks  are made out of upcycled flip-flops by the amazing social enterprise Ocean Sole based in Kenya. 

This lightweight, durable and stylish yoga block will provide you with the support you need to enhance your practice, whilst helping to clean up the waterbodies on our beautiful planet.

The environmentally friendly yoga block will bring happiness to your practice, or if gifted, to a sustainable loving yogi. Each block made recycles 21 flip flops and has provided essential employment in Kenya.

Please note all blocks are handmade and therefore may vary slightly in size.

Size - 23cm x 12cm x 8cm

Ecological and social impact of yoga blocks:

The organisation behind these yoga blocks out of flip-flops is the amazing social enterprise Ocean Sole. They are located in Kenya and work together with coastal communities to collect discarded flip-flops and make wonderful art out of these old flip-flops. This all happens in careful handcraft. Normally, they are making art sculptures like different animals out of them, but now, they also produce yoga blocks.

Collecting the flip-flops on the beaches is an important way of cleaning the beaches and cleaning our nature. One yoga block consists of 21 flip-flops. Ocean Sole was established in 1998 and has collected over 1000 tons of flip-flops so far. With our first limited edition of Ocean Sole yoga blocks, 2100 flip-flops were collected from the beaches and upcycled into art. The ecological impact, therefore, is huge! At the same time, Ocean Sole is achieving great social value by giving work to people who before had no or a really low income. They have 92 full-time employees in Kenya turning flip-flops into art. The additional earnings of the social enterprise are donated to marine conservation programmes.

How does it work to make yoga blocks out of flip-flops:

The collected discarded flip-flops are firstly inspected for anything sharp or dangerous. Afterwards they are washed and thoroughly scrubbed and then glued into blocks. The most important part is then the hand carving. So each yoga block is not only a piece of art made by one person it is also unique and one of a kind. Not one block will look like another.

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