MAM Watch White Leather

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Ferra 667 is a fine white leather watch with refined details.

The accuracy of its sophisticated quartz movement is protected by a case made from recycled stainless steel and sustainably certified bamboo. The minimalistic handles can be seen under the sapphire glass and if you look closer and wait for the minute handle to reach the hour you'll see how they blend in to form a perfect line. We can say why this watch is awesome louder but we can't say it clearer.

  • DIAMETRE: 33 mm
  • WOOD: Bamboo
  • STRAP: 14 mm high quality vegetable tanned leather
  • THICKNESS: 7 mm
  • WEIGHT: 50 gr
  • DETAILS: White dial with matte rose gold details
  • CRYSTAL: Sapphire
  • MOVEMENT: High end Japanese quartz
  • WARRANTY: 2 years
  • SERVICE: Lifelong MAM care