Mindful Money by Kel Galavan


The Covid pandemic has forced many people, especially women, to reconsider our consumer-driven lifestyle and adapt to a brave new world, awakening a desire to develop a better work–life balance. And Kel Galavan is the perfect guide.

Mindful Money is about building good spending habits and a positive money mindset to build a fulfilling, happy life no matter what the income.

Part personal story, part how-to guide, Mindful Money takes the reader through Kel’s own experience – from the day she walked away from her 16-year professional career, through her No-Spend Year, self-doubt and hard-won life lessons, culminating In savings of over €27,000 and changing the life of her family for the better in ways she could never have imagined.

Sections provide deep insight into the emotional journey of Kel’s own experience, along with a background on how money works. It details the seven habits of mindful spending so that anyone can build a life of their own design on their own terms.

Mindful Money delves deep into:

  • The fear faced by women torn between career and family
  • Stepping into the unknown and learning to trust what’s inside
  • As women, stepping up, moulding work and life around us and not the other way around
  • Discovering what truly matters in life is more about spending time than spending money
  • Learning that a rich life can be led, no matter what the income
  • Building a lifestyle that is healthy, happy, sustainable and rich for the long term
  • Practical step-by-step guides on how anyone can get control of their money and build a life they love
  • Mindful Money is more than a journey; it is a transformation in mindset that allows for more money, more life and more happiness in all our lives.

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