Flowstate Yoga Mat - Elements Samudra


The Flowstate Mat has taken an integrated approach to art, movement and lifestyle. Designed to bring colour into your practice as well as your home. Produced with a built in hanging feature allowing the mat to double up as your personal piece of wall art.

The Elements Collection

The ‘Elements’ collection is the latest collection by Flowstate, inspired by a relinquished connection to the outdoors. In the challenging times of the past 2 years, we found a great sense of grounding and peace immersed in nature. Through invigorating hikes, refreshing dips in the sea and dewy walks through the woodlands across the country, we reconnected to nature...we reconnected to ourselves.

The use of a vibrant colour palette of yellows, blues and greens in the designs, each mat is a contemporary representation of one of these elements: the forest, the sea and the sun. Intended to create a sacred space for you to reconnect with.

The ‘Elements’ collection is a portal into nature, when it is not possible to reach it directly.

Flowstate Mat Information:

  • A premium yoga mat made with a microfiber top layer which has been bonded to a natural tree rubber base. This gives the sweaty grip of a towel and the cushion of a soft mat.
  • Ideal for yoga, bikram, hot yoga, pilates, general exercise or as a meditation space. Of course for art lovers too.
  • Built in hanging feature. There are two black eyelets located in the top left and right hand corners allowing for ease of hanging.
  • What’s included: our mat comes with durable carrying strap for ease of transport.
  • Mat Measurments: 178cm x 61cm x 3.5mm
  • Weight: 1.8kg
  • Eco-friendly, biodegradable, recyclable 100% natural tree rubber, water based inks.
  • Free from silicone, toxic glue, and phthalates.

How to care for your Mat:

  • Although the Flowstate Mat is washing machine-friendly, we do recommend hand-washing with a wet washcloth when possible. This cuts down on the wear and tear of the mat. This is your personal piece of art so mind it and it will last even longer.
  • If you do choose to machine wash - wash on a very gentle cycle, alone and using cold water. Use a gentle detergent (no softeners or bleach).
  • To speed up drying, wrap mat in a towel and squeeze out excess water
  • Hang to dry. (Do not put in the Dryer).

Tips Before Use:

  • At the beginning of your practice, lightly spraying water on the top surface of the mat will prevent any sliding, especially if you have dry hands and feet.

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