Essential Oil Blend - Calm & De-stress

Essential Oil Blend - Calm & De-stress

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A complex blend of essential oils designed to help you calm & de - stress. The blend opens up with top notes of ylang ylang petitgrain and lavender with a heart of French lavender resting on a base of orange flower absolute & patchouli.

Add 5/10 drops onto your aromatherapy diffuser. Run a warm bath add 5/10 drops onto still water. Add 3 drops onto your chosen base oil, never use undiluted oil directly on the skin.

Wonderful aid to calm & de - stress and ease feelings of anxiety and worry. 

100 % Essential Oils
Orange , Petigrain, Orange Flower , Ylang Ylang , Clove , Cedarwood, Patchouli, Ladanum , Oulnanum.