Mookie & Boo

Aromatherapy Candle - Sleep & Relax


Scent your space with Mookie & Boo luxurious hand poured candle.
Hand crafted with natural waxes enriched with 100% essential oils.

Hand crafted with natural waxes enriched with a heady blend of relaxing oils.

  • Weight 190g
  • Burn Time 30hrs.
  • Poured in a reusable glass jar.
  • Plant based non toxic & chemical free.
Ritual/How to use: 

Light your candle, allow the candle to fully pool as you inhale the relaxing fragrance mindfully breathe deeply to the count of 4 & exhale to the count of 6. 


Wonderful aid to Sleep & Relaxation suitable especially if you are feeling stressed or anxious or simply want your best sleep and a deep sense of calm.

Aromatherapy has such a transforming effect on our body & mind because it taps into our limbic system. This part of the brain deals with emotions, and can even influence hormonal responses. Once inhaled, essential oils can alter our brain chemistry, stimulating how we feel.

Our sense of smell is estimated to be over 10000 times more acute than other senses. Traveling faster to the brain than both sight and sound, it provokes a powerful reaction emotionally.

The real power of aromatherapy is the fact that it has a holistic effect on our wellbeing, setting a scene and creating space to Sleep & Relax.

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