Aarke CO2 Gas Cylinders

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Aarke cylinders follow the current market standard size and will fit most sparkling water and soda water machines on the market including the Aarke Carbonator itself. 
It contains 425g of food grade carbon dioxide, providing approximately 60 litres of carbonated water depending on your carbonation preferences. 

Get €5 off your next gas cylinder when you return the old one back to the shop

For best results 

  • Store your Aarke bottles in the refrigerator to chill before carbonating--cold water holds more CO2.
  • Store your Aarke CO2 cylinders in a cool, dry environment. Avoid storing in direct sunlight or close to other heat sources.
  • We recommend keeping one or two spare cylinders at home to ensure that you always have one for the carbonator while exchanging the empty one(s). 

Aarke exchange cylinders pass through a thorough re-inspection for guaranteeing continuous quality of the cylinders before getting re-filled with natural food grade CO2. Cylinders and valves undergo intense testing and hold the following certificates: TÜV, BAM, DIN EN ISO 7866.