We're committing to donating 10% of our profits towards planting trees in Moy Hill Farm. Regular updates will be communicated with our customers. 

About Hometree

Hometree is a pretty basic idea, plant more trees. We are on the Atlantic coast of Ireland, it's wet, windy and cold and it's where we first started a community garden, in a unused plot of ground about 100m elevation and about 600m from the coast. When we planted the first apple trees we were told we were mad, that trees found it difficult to grow here, but they didn't, they grew tall and strong and produce delicious fruits. This was our reconnection to trees, we saw the birds come back and the soil in the garden improve, biodiversity, more life on the hill and the seeds of change blew in all directions. One direction was here to hometree, a group of people inspired by the lack of trees in County Clare in West Ireland and hope that we could do our part in regenerating and reforesting this beautiful mythical part of Mother Earth.

Through luck and hard work we managed to buy some more land up the hill where we extended the garden vibes and started a community supported agriculture farm. We needed about 4 acres for the growing vegetables so out of the 67 acres we plan to plant over 60,000 trees. We plant the trees and manage the forest and we watch and we wait and one day we shall sit under the shade or out of the wind and feel that we were part of biodiversity. All are welcome to come and enjoy the trees that we have planted and as the forest grows and more life returns.

Being part of the reforesting process either with a shovel and sapling in your hand or by making a donation helps us all reconnect to the Earth, reconnect us to the responsibility we have in protecting it.