kind to your mind, your body, the planet

About us

Sheelin Conlon founder of The Kind - sells sustainable lifestyle products that are both kind to you and kind to the planet.

The idea came about while Sheelin was living in Singapore. As a keen kitesurfer she spent a lot of time by the ocean and saw first hand the devastation of plastic pollution on the beaches around Asia. 

“Plastic would literally be washed up all along the shorelines and dumped at the sides of the road. There is a huge problem with mismanagement of waste in Indonesia, it’s the second largest contributor to plastic pollution after China. It made me think of my own impact on the environment, particularly when back home in Ireland.”

Once she became more aware of this and realised that she could make a positive impact by making simple sustainable swaps, Sheelin wanted to help others reduce their plastic pollution and live more consciously too. On returning home to Dublin, she decided to create one simple platform where you can find everything you need to live a more sustainable lifestyle and The Kind was born.

The products are sourced from local and international independent retailers that share the same vision for a better future. Together we can make a big difference.