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Face Mask - Correct & Calm


Created by dermatologists, CORRECT & CALM Instant Facia is a natural coconut gel-like mask infused with highly effective concentrations of witch hazel and eucalyptus leaf, all of which work together to reduce redness, skin irritation, blemishes and large pores.

It has a calming, healing effect which makes it an ideal face mask for acne prone skin. You should see an immediate difference after application, with redness and inflammation reduced. Many acne treatment face masks use harsh chemicals to dry the skin, which can make irritation worse and cause the skin to flake.

The ingredients in the Calm and Correct Instant Facial are gentle enough to use on pretty much any skin type and the healing power of coconut bio-cellulose can accelerate how quickly old blemishes fade. 

You can also use it to calm any sort of skin irritation, from sun exposure to chapping caused by wind or cold. In short, if you have red areas and irritation, this product can help with that too.

Beauty Instant Facials are free from parabens, mineral oil, sulphates and artificial colours. All products are cruelty free and never tested on animals.

Why do I need it
  • Treats both minor and major breakouts
  • Cools, hydrates and balances the skin
  • Helps to minimise large pores
How to use it
  • Prep your skin by cleansing thoroughly before application.
  • Remove mask from packaging, unfold, and peel off protective film.
  • Press the Charcoal face mask to your face, smoothing to fit facial contours. Allow the serum to infuse for 20 minutes before removing.
  • Do not wash off.
  • Smooth the remaining serum into the skin.
  • Time precious? Use the night before and wake up to party-perfect skin.
  • For best results, use weekly.
Key Ingredients


Perfect for treating acne-prone skin, witch hazel helps to speed up healing, prevent the signs of ageing, stop cellular damage, and eliminate the bacteria that cause breakouts.


Rich in antioxidants and anti-ageing properties, coconut has a host of benefits from cocooning the skin with nutrient-rich moisture to protecting it from harmful bacteria and environmental stressors.


With its strong antiseptic properties, eucalyptus oil can be used to treat spot-prone or stressed out skin, speeding up the recovery time of blemishes caused by acne.


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