Yoga Benefits Wheel A2 Poster


The Yoga Benefits Wheel poster is designed as a guide to help you tailor your practice each time you step on your mat.

The wheel is divided into ten categories to help you identify which poses to practice to support your needs.

This is where yoga get specific to your individual requirements and how to get the most out of your time on your mat.

Each pose family is colour coded to synchronise with the 108 Asana yoga sequencing cards . Designed and illustrated by a certified yoga teacher.

  • Divided into 10 pose categories
  • An extensive list of 45 different benefits
  • Colour coded sections to synchronise with the 108 Asana card numbers
  • Designed and illustrated by a certified yoga teacher


How can your home practice help you today? This cleverly designed infographic translates your needs into yoga pose to help you find balance again. Using the wheel you can identify a benefit you would like to work towards and see what pose will help you or explore the different pose families and learn what benefits they have to offer. The poster works as a practice aid or as a beautiful framed piece to brighten up your home. The perfect gift for your yogi pal!

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