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Familia Diaz | El Salvador | Filter

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Mandarin & Wild Honey

Expect a sweet, syrupy and well rounded cup, with notes of honey, chamomile and mandarin.

This is a special coffee for us as this is the first honey processed lot we’ve ever purchased. Considered a hybrid between the washed and natural methods, the honey process has become very popular among producers in Costa Rica and El Salvador. In this method, the coffee is mechanically depulped, removing the skin and some of the fruit flesh surrounding the beans. The coffee is then dried on patios or raised beds.

The idea is to produce a high cup quality, using less water than that used in the washed process. In our experience, these coffees can often taste quite boozy and unpleasant, but this lot produced by the Diaz family is delicious, and testament to their knowledge and years of experience processing coffee this way.

The Diaz family owns a 33.5-hectare farm, with 14.5 hectares being used for growing coffee. Each member of the family owns their own part of the farm but they use the same workers, creating a rotational work plan and distributing the workforce according to each farm’s needs and growing cycle. The family are well known within the La Palma area for being, polite and truly committed to quality and excellence. This makes us all the more proud to be able to roast and share this coffee with you now!

Harvest: Feb-March 2020
Country: El Salvador
Producer: The Diaz Family
Region: Chalatenango
Process: Honey
Variety: Pacamara
Altitude: 1,700 masl