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Deer Print Recycled Christmas Wrapping Paper


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Recycled Christmas wrapping paper with a gorgeous hand-printed design, featuring a herd of deer in a fir tree forest. Perfect for special festive gift wrapping!

Eco Credentials
Made from 100% recycled paper, and printed using only water-based paint, this gift wrap is perfect if you’re trying to be a little more eco-friendly this Christmas! Better still, the paper is also 100% recyclable, so, after the lucky recipient has unwrapped their gifts they’ll be able to put their gift wrap straight in the recycling. 

The Printing Process
The vintage deer print is had printed using water-based paint and a traditional roller technique, making each sheet entirely unique!

Each sheet measures 50cm x 70cm / 19.5″ x 27.5″, and is made from high quality 90gsm kraft paper.