Essential bits for on the go!

Sometimes, though, investing in a new-to-you item can increase the convenience or comfort of working towards zero waste. Sure, you can stop getting coffee to go so that you can avoid paper cups without buying a new thermos; alternatively, you could buy a thermos and bring it with you each time you run out for coffee every week for the next ten years.

In case you're wondering what items might make your transition to a lower-waste lifestyle a bit easier, on this page I've compiled all of my favorites. By and large, these are the things I use day in and day out, that you've seen on Litterless a hundred times, that are just so useful I can't imagine my zero waste life without them.

For each item, I've also included how you can expect it to be packaged when it arrives, some tips for using the item, how best to care for it to keep in good condition or how to repair it, and how to dispose of the item at the end of its life, with a view toward keeping it out of the landfill if at all possible.

KeepCup reusable coffee cup

-Packaging: KeepCups come packaged in a small cardboard box, with a paper insert detailing how to care for them; you can recycle or compost both of these.

-Use: Like the Klean Kanteen, when using this for hot drinks on the go, simply hand it to the barista and note the size. KeepCups aren't leakproof as they function more like a paper coffee cup, so take caution when using.

-Care: Assuming you have a glass and cork one, as pictured above, KeepCup recommends washing it gently with the cork ring still on (removing it might cause it to break). Separately wash and dry the plastic lid and glass base, then fit all the two halves back together once dry. The cork may darken and patina over time, which is normal and fine!

-Disposal: The glass can be recycled, or better yet donated to a thrift store for someone to use as a drinking glass. The cork ring can be composted (break it up into a few pieces first). The plastic lid becomes landfill trash.

Reusable cloth produce bags from EcoBags | Litterless

February 22, 2019 — sheelin conlon